I'm putting 12 gauge strings onto my electric and I was reading I need to add another tension spring, making it 4 total springs. Two questions, first, what is the proper distance I should have between the screws and bridge after I tighten them? Does it matter how the springs are arranged? I've read it should be 2 springs on the outsides with the gap in the middle, is this correct, and would putting a 5th spring on do anything to help?
guitars differ from one another, so you would have to just have to see what your guitar is like with that set up. If you havent messed with a floyd trem befor with something this darastic i would recomend takeing it to a shop to have someone do it for you and see if they will show you how they do it so you know how to do it next time, cus its kind of a long task to switch to that depending on what your old set up was.
This is my first time messing with a tremolo, but I think I understand how to set it up. I have another question, after I have all the springs on, when I'm re-tuning and the tremolo begins to rise, does that mean I need to tighten the tension screws to equal the string tension? And would adding a 5th spring make this any easier?
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yeah, your going to have to add another spring, basically what you do is tune it all out, then adjust the tension in the back by the springs, but then that puts the springs out of tune and you have to do it over and over until you have it perfectly paralel, takes a while your first time. goodluck.
oh and remember you need to redo the intonation after changing your guage, you change it with the saddles.