Maybe put a 5 way switch in and make positions 1 and 5 kill?
Or you could take out your tone knob, then put a kill switch in that hole.

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^ I think the 5-way is a great idea. That way, you still have the functionality of the tone pot.
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I can tell you how...

if you have two volume selectors and a pickup toogle switch put the switch in the bridge or neck position, lets use the bridge. Then turn the necks volume all the way down and turn the bridges volume up then toggle between the two and you'll have a killswitch
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Easiest way is to take out the tone knob and install a toggle switch or button switch like Buckethead has otherwise you'd have to drill a 3rd hole. You can get either switch at Radioshack for a few bucks. You take the wire that leads to your output jack and hook it up there. Simplest way so it kills the signal heading out
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This should be in Guitar Building and Customizing.
You will get more help there.
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There's an "ultimate killswitch thread' in the gear building and customizing forum (do a search).

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