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After the 'Pics of your girlfriend' thread, I'm wondering what you guys would actually consider a 10, or even an 8 or 7... and what you consider a 2.
Some guys have very flexible taste and others dont. Some hate this, some love that, etc etc

So, as a matter of observing the truth that one man's trash can be another man's treasure, post whatever you can on the subject. Things you love on girls, things you hate on them, pictures, etc. Or just general ideals that you have

no, this is not a pity cry; I am perfectly happy with how I look, and I personally think I'm a pretty attractive person. Don't think so? Good for you. I'm not cocky; I just dont see the point in being self-critical.

Fire away.
I'm curious as to what you guys have to offer
Girls are also free to post.

EDIT: I know you are all thoughtful guys and dont want a girl with the personality of a glue bottle, and that it matters. But please try and keep it relevant to physical attributes. Unless they don't matter at all to you, then please mention that.

EDIT.. AGAIN: I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE ALL NICE PEOPLE AND NEED PERSONALITY. Of course you do. You're not going to date a bag of shit because it happens to look good and has a nice rack. And I appreciate that you let me know, but my aim in this was more for physical attributes. Let's face it.. Unless you have heard stories about a girl from a friend or have talked to her before seeing her, physical attributes initiate an attraction, or must be somewhat apparent. I AM ASKING YOU TO BE SUPERFICIAL. I wont judge you on it; hell, I don't know you. Innately, I know that you are all probably great guys and would be great boyfriends or husbands; I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt.

So please, feel free to banter about how you dislike redheads (dont be offended, my fiery-haired friends =] I think you're ravishing) or love skinny girls.
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Well, above anything she needs to be nice, considerate, have a sense of humor and the whole thing. But, the first thing we usually look for is looks. You don't want the "personality" package if you know what I mean.
Honestly, I'm not that picky. Sure, physical attractiveness is always a plus when you're first getting to know someone, but I'd much rather have a decently attractive girl with a great personality than an incredibly hot girl with the personality of a bucket.
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I notice looks but am much more attracted to personality. I've been told, granted it was by an ex-girlfriend, that one of my other ex-girlfriends were unattractive. I didn't think so though. Looks are not everything, and most of the really physically attractive women have horrible personalities. Although I did meet a very pretty girl not too long ago who has a wonderful personality as well.
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I'm not picky. I honestly don't make distinctions as far as who I date - I don't say "she's hotter" - they're both hot, I can't make a judgement call like that.
its mostly as long as girls understand who i really am and that im attracted to them mentally and physically and not be bored by them.
I'm very serious when it comes to personality. Personality is the most important trait for me. Appearance comes next. If the personality is grot and she's the most beautiful thing in the world I am not trying anything. If the personality is superb and she's very unattractive, I'll be friends. I need both a superb personality with looks that range from average on up. My past interest was both attractive and had a superb personality.
im very personality serious..but im like Brett Michaels..i have to have that good looking girl
For me is as long as they don't have a manly voice or excessive hair.
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Girlfriend - very picky
Hookup - ANY bar skank without Chlamydia
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what a coincidence, I was JUST having this conversation with one of my friends, well, I would like a decent looking chick who can think for herself, and isn't a bumbling retard, and has similar interests as me
I used to set my standards WAAY too high, and it wasn't even about looks, well basically I used to give myself excuses not to ask girls out, I picked out what I thought was a major flaw about them, and use it as a reason not to date them, recently I've stopped doing that
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it seems that i am only able to be attracted to someone who has zero interest in me. as soon as they give me the time of day, i lose all feelings for them. maybe i'm a masochist in this regard

I've been in your place; it happens.
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Not very, but they gotta be at least good looking. Not OMG CRAZY HAWT MODEL good looking, but easy on the eyes.
I'm very picky about my girls, yea

Mostly when it comes to personality though, personality over looks imho
picky. very picky. in fact i would say this somehow relates to the fact i've never had a girlfriend.

except now i've gotten jaded about this to the point where i've become skeptical of any girl with any interest in me.

beggars can't be choosers though. but i am.
I tend to like girls that are on the petite side of things. Shortish, thin, luminous eyes, shortish hair, nervous smiles. Style wise, I dig the skinny jeans baby-doll cut shirt combo.
I also like quote unquote "Indie Chicks" because I'm super cliche like that.

That said, I'm really unpicky. I'm attracted to almost every girl that I meet who doesn't share my own body type (lets be nice and call it overweight). As long as they're in shape, smile alot, and aren't a total slob, I say yes.

I'm a lot pickier when it comes to personality stuff.
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A lot of guys thought Zooey Deschanel was ugly on the "Pictures of Hot Chicks" thread, so....Yes, one man's trash is another mans gold.
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Hey y'all!!! Me and my friend were over at her house. I we were wonder what guys think when they see a hot girl at the mall or whatever walk by. (We're both pretty as y'all would say "blonde" sometimes).

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I just look like some homo.
im not extremely picky when it comes to physical appearance.

personality is where im more picky with the girls i like.
Girlfriend - very picky
Hookup - ANY bar skank without Chlamydia

If they're gonna be ridin' dirty, i'd go with chlamydia, because at least that can be treated, unlike most stds.
I have always had a thing for weird girls. Ones that want to bite me or wear cat ears and a tail everywhere. I don't like fake nails. Its hottest when a girl has bitten off nails. Looks wise, usually big eyes, shorter than me, and long hair.
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A lot of guys thought Zooey Deschanel was ugly on the "Pictures of Hot Chicks" thread, so....Yes, one man's trash is another mans gold.

I think Zooey Deshanel is probably the most beautiful person alive
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

I'm picky. Who isn't? Who has such low self-esteem that they'll take whatever the hell they can get?
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I'm picky. Who isn't? Who has such low self-esteem that they'll take whatever the hell they can get?

Some people are that desperate.

(Not me though, I have my standards)
I hate myself for this, but I'm quite shallow. Physical attractiveness is very important to me, but I don't have one set of standards that a girl has to have; there are lots of different ways a girl can look good, but generally that includes being somewhat fit etc.

Of course if the girl isn't nice with that, it ruins everything as well... so basically to sum it up, I'm extremely picky (which isn't a good thing -.-).
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I'm fairly picky myself, not so much about appearance, but personality most definitely. Personality is what really makes a girl beautiful. A 'decent' looking girl is beautiful when combined with the right attitude.A girl that would be a C in a still picture could be an A when their attitude and personality are added to the equation. Just the same way I've seen some A bodies that don't seem nearly as beautiful as they would be because they just don't have a good personality.

However if we're talking purely physical then no, I'm not too picky. Don't get me wrong, I have preferences, but it's not like I'm unbending in that aspect. She has to be lighter than me, no facial hair, and somewhat 'sophisticated,' or at least not trashy looking (A lot of this stems from attitude too though).
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Oh yeah and bipolarity does it for me too
I <3 Drugs.

The universe works on a math equation-
That never even ever really ends in the end-
Infinity spirals out creation.

I'm quite shallow I believe. It's cool if the girl is cute, petite, and good to hang out with, but for some reason if they don't dress right... Skanky is a no-no, but so is the dorky nerdy look, which is hair doesn't seem to be washed, poor choices of clothing, and what that girl in Malcom in the Middle looks like. So yeah.

But body wise, I perfer girls smaller than me (I'm 5'6" 120 lbs.) without looking anorexic but toned (gym body if you will), but still attracted to girls taller and heavier than me

She better not be a bitch.
I'm very picky, although my pickiness is ever shifting. The one constant though is FUN. A girl has to know how to have a good time, and laugh and smile alot . And have confidence. Slumped shoulders are less attractive than a face full of acne.
honestly im not that picky.. as long as she looks good as herself.. ya know?

like.. if he nose is too big for her face *bleh* or if her tits are too big to cup in ones hand.

i like them to be shorter than me.

and prefferably listen to some of the same stuff i do (saves arguements)

pretty eyes are a must have too. like my GFs.. they're like pools of deep dark water.

and not to be racist but ive never really liked black chicks much *shrugs*

its SEXY if they play an instrument or sing or.. something artsy like that.

i like nice hands. i have a thing for kissing my girls hand so, i like nice hands.

a cute face *DUH!!*

a decent body, not too skinny and not too over weight.

i like em to be happy too.. smiling and giggling and stuff. its just CUTE!

piercings are fun too.

and they need a cute smile. not perfect mind like perfectly white and straight. a little misplaced tooth there and a slight discoloration there. adds character.

style wise i honestly couldnt care. i have no real type. ive been into goths, punks, preps, emos, scene chicks, athletes, nerdy girls, a couple rednecks. but never gangtsa chicks.. not into the whole 'hoes in da club' lyrics they always listen to

i like a girl who doesnt mind my guitar fetish

and for some reason i find it cute when they're cold and want me to hold em to warm em up.
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well not fat not overly skinny relatively tall and the words "paper bag" aren't whispered by mates as well as a good personality. the ability to put up with a raging lunatic of a headbanger that has really ****in thick shoulder length also necessary

if u read think about it im not as picky as skimming the post would imply
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As long as they aren't "ugly" in the true sense of the word.

Seriously, in all the "hot chick thread"s, UGers are always calling extremely attractive women ugly. People don't even know what ugly means anymore.
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