pleaes critic A song about all the stupid ass kids in my town called:
Westborough's Where I live

verse 1

so went out tonight
to have a little fun
youv' been drinking
with everyone
to fit in
you don't be your self
your such such lying
poser you lie to yourself

verse 2

Back home up in your
room smoking up
dreaming of poon
just sitting there
wasting time
get of your ass
do something
other act like
a ****ing ass

vers 3

years from now
your wondering why
he hell you ****ed that
guy or maybe that girl
while you were drunk
looks like screwed
so shut the **** up


God damn your all
a bunch of losers
Go damn your all
a bunch of jerks
God damn your all
a bunch of posers
God damn
your pissing me off


You guys think your great
but your really not
you'll never amount
thers nothing you got
Your worthless
piles of ****
drink yourself out
I'm sick of it