I was done replacing my hardware from chrome to gold, restringing my guitar, intonation, etc, but there was some consistent fret buzzing at my current action. So I raised my bridge height, but then ran into another problem. My new tailpiece was being pulled up from the base (the part that's pressed into the guitar).

- Can anyone tell me what to do to fix this?? I want to try to avoid anything that would make removing the tailpiece later on too difficult, but please give me any suggestions you have - even if it comes to a permanent fastening.

My guitar's an Epi LP Plus btw.
I have an Epi '56 LP Goldtop and I've scrapped it down to parts a few times and reassembled it without incident. What exactly do you mean when you say the tailpiece is being "pulled up from the base" ? Are you referring to the metal bits hammered into the body that the pegs that hold the tailpiece screw into ?
Oh yeah I meant to say that the base is being pulled off. You're correct - I'm referring to the "bits hammered into the body". They're getting pulled out from the guitar body itself.
I refinished an SG once and after I sanded away the finish to the bare wood those parts you're referring to were a bit loose. I put a single layer of tape around them and tapped them into the holes with a rubber mallet. It worked, but I haven't tried to remove them since. I don't know how difficult it would be to remove them now. I hope you can fix it.
That seems like a good idea. But then again if I'm thinking of removing them again, I'm afraid that it may get a bit messy and/or the added thickness around the bit with tape may dull the grooves in the body of the guitar when it's pressed in. I'll try this though if there's no better alternative. Thanks for the suggestion!

EDIT: Anyone know of any better alternatives?? I really want to solve this problem soon.
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