This is just by price though you can put them in any order you want, please specify

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus Top > Epiphone les Paul custom > Epiphone les paul studio > Epiphone les Paul Goth studio > Epiphone LP - 100> Epiphone les paul special II
I would put the custom in first.

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Mexican Strat --> the rest. Haha, I hate epiphones personally.
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Mexican Strat --> the rest. Haha, I hate epiphones personally.


hahahah but seriously, just the custom first... isnt that the only logical order? besides going from cheapest to most expensive?
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Custom > Standard (Plus or Plain is irrelevant), > Goth Studio (they seem to take slightly better care of studio models that are 'special' in any way) > Studio > 100 > Special-II

That said, the Custom is the only one I would ever bother buying at all. The Studios (all kinds), 100 and Special-II are so poor, just put your money on the floor and piss all over it, you'll still be better off than if you bought one of those guitars. The Standards are okay for the money, but a Custom doesn't cost much more and is sufficiently higher quality.