Righty ho! A bit of a twin question to be honest.
I recently purchased a bit of an oddity. A long while back a bought a Columbus strat with s/s/h and a pointed headstock. neck felt great, played like a dream and was a steal Never really researched on Columbus until the other week when i finally bought a blood red Columbus telecaster with a pointed headstock and 2 humbuckers and a Schaller Floyd Rose!!! These are the only 2 Columbus' i've ever seen in real life other than ones on ebay which were les paul copys. Now this tele plays beautifuly especially with some low gauge strings on it, and drop tuned to C but im at a loss at what to make of this guitar. I know nothing about Columbus after spending a long time searching for them on the internet ( it seems they were made late 60's to mid late 70's and where fairly good cheap copys of bigger brand names) and i definatley dont know if the FR came with it. Being a Schaller its even harder to find info on this as well, because even tho i cross reference it with pics on the net, i still cant find one that looks the same.
Its an bloody nice guitar (and FR!) and its seems a shame not to know about its heritage so if anyone could throw me a bone then that would be cool!

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by the looks of the harmony central reviews, it's a Japanese knock-off company. Since they are Japanese they have pretty good build quality. Sounds like you got a good guitar.

made sometime from the 70-80s, the floyd may have been original or it may have been added on later. My guess would be that the floyd was added on later by an owner.

But other then that, it's pretty much a ghost guitar. Companies come and go, especially in the midst of the 60s-80s where everything pretty much reproduced like bunnies and then died out by the 90s.
Thanks for the input, but thats just my problem. thats about all i can find out about these guitars even tho i've seen a fair few of their les paul copys on ebay. If anyone has any information on older Schaller FR's then that would be cool too.
The one legged chickens from outer space made me do it!