ive had a marshall tsl 100 for a little over a year now and things keep going wrong with it, first the foot switch, then i just stopped making sound, then a tube blew got them replaced with some svetlanas and now tonight, i just stopped working again. im gettin frustrated with it, so im tryin to decide weather i should sell it and get a coupla hybrids or solid states and some pedal or what or another tube amp? i play mostly classic rock to harder rock like, Gnr and van halen. any ideas are appreciated.
If you sell it, stick with tubes. You'll regret it forever if you don't.

The JCM2000 marshalls, and the TSLs in particular are some of the most tempremental little buggers I've ever come accross. And quite honestly, for the tone they do put out, it's not worth the trouble.

I've recorded bands where we've had very similar things to what you've described happen and in the end, we went out and rented new amps.

The best replacement for your style of music would be a JCM800 and you can get some 2nd hand ones in good condition on ebay for a pretty reasonable price, so that'd definitely be worth a look for you, If you want a brnd new one, a JCM800 reissue will set you back about 2000AUD.

Another option would be something in the Peavey range, something like an XXX, Penta, or if you're budget conscious, I think one of the best packages out there from any company is the Windsor head/cab set. It's a 100 watt, single channel head with 3 12AX7 valves in the preamp and 4 EL84s in the poweramp. It's got a beautiful old school tone to it that would deliver your GNR tones without the price tag, and if you wind it right up, the EL84s will deliver a very nice early Van Halen tone, before he switched to using 6L6 power amp tubes.

And before someone says it, no I don't own a windsor, but I have recorded them a few times and they deliver nicely.
aeoilpile, check for used jcm800's on craigs list if you are in the states, that way you can try it out before you buy
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thanks ill definitely check it out ive actually thought about a jcm800 before, ill check out the windsor. is the 800 good for stuff like hendrix and stones? and how are its cleans?