I'm thinking about investing in a Peavey XXX stack. Anyone who owns one have anything to say about it? Love it? Hate it? Have a better idea?

Any help would be appreciated.
6505 half stack is cheaper and has better metal channel
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I played on one and it didn't seem like the reliability wasn't to up to par. Those slider switches seem pretty cheap... Had one go out on me at guitar center.. Had to use the pedal to switch stuff over and even that wasn't quite working. Now i know guitar center stuff gets a abused so i probably got there after some serious stress testing. But i look at it as a good way to see if something is going to stand up well.. If its broke at guitar center its probably not built that well enough to last up to giggin..

Other then that it did sound pretty good but i would get the 6505 instead..

Also i had to choice to go with the Valveking or get the XXX i didn't see to much of a significant difference to warrant the extra cash so i got the Valveking. It had a slight gain difference but it did sound a bit muddier as well..
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If you tried it at Guitar Center, it may not be due to over-abuse, but I'm sure 100's of people twisting knobs and sliders all day doesn't help. Guitar Center is known for dealing in B stock merchandise; meaning factory seconds. That's how they get their prices so low. I've had three guitars and one amp go bad from them, and have tried several faulty guitars and amps in the store.
I have the combo version, and it is awesome. Great tone, and I havent had any real issues with it except that when I brought it home, I had a microphonic preamp tube. I replaced it, and Its been well over a year, and I have had no problems. It is quite noisy though, so you may want to think about getting a noise gate as well.