hey guys, I picked up guitar and have been teaching myself for the past 3-4 years.

Anyways there is nothing like just jamming the **** out of a song- and i think i am ready to move to eletric now. I currently own an extremely nice acoustic electric guitar and a small little multie-effects pedal w/ a lil practice amp.

I landed an internship this summer making $25 an hour so here's me question:
What should I buy?

I am thinking a tube amp- peavey classic 30
and a american made stratocaster- i like playing the blues

so should i just order online? The stores back home were a complete ****ing ripoff and I'm never buying from a store again. Craigslist is pretty bare here.

Thats a very good combo, very versatile. All you need is a decent overdrive pedal and you're good to go!
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sup dude

u should order onlyn coz i know my first amp was a starfire mega 10...u really do get ripped off by local stores. I started on an accoustic 2 and reli ripped and then i went to electric and found it so good so im sure ul be fyn

rock on
awesome- might i ask where is best to buy online? I am thinking either musiciansfriend or ebay

The classic is a good choice amp for blues, rock etc.

If you can afford the USA Strat, then its another good choice, if you wanted to spend a little less money though you could look in to the fender classic players strats (the 50s and the 60s) both are great guitars, made in mexico, but the feel of an american. The neck on the CP50s is real comfy, one of the most comfy necks I have played ever, a few people prefer the CP series to a MIA standard (my GF's dad traded in his MIA, and got some money and the CP50s strat)
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use the store to try stuff and see what you like, then order it for cheaper online.

Is that what you'd tell your customers?
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nah if you go to the store they usually match online prices. at least that way youve already playe the guitar you want. rather then hoping it doenst come fuked up

Yeah, of course you'll get overcharged if you just walk in and pay sticker price. You can usually bargain the price down to below the online prices or at least get some free stuff/ setup, if you support a local/area music shop.

Very small shops in little towns tend to rip you off, I say look for something a little bigger, but even the small shops shouldn't be able to argue with a lowest advertised price from an online store.