^^ that dude is right. It's all Vai. It says so on Wikipedia so it must be true.
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Ry Cooder plays the all country licks in the movie, Vai only does the end sequence
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Ry Cooder plays the all country licks in the movie, Vai only does the end sequence

It's Blues ye Bastard

edit- and yeah, Cooder plays everything up to Daniel-son's last slide solo, after that

it's Vai vs. Vai

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Nah, Vai did his own part live on recording, but it was Ry Cooder that did Macchio's normal part, but Vai did Eugenes Trick Bag.
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lololololol that was epic andyd93. you just made my day

Vai at least composed the end sequence, I don't know if he played it or what.
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I heared somewhere that it was stevie ray vaughn playing the blues licks, but they were obviously wrong
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wrong. the shred parts are vai. the slide parts are ry cooder.

I apologize
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