I'm not sure if its true, mainly because I don't follow the history of guitar companies, but I have an Ibanez that I got from one of my parents' friends in return for me doing some work for him. He didn't really think much of the guitar which is obviously why he gave it to me, but I was looking for what model of Ibanez it was, and I haven't been able to find anything that looks like it except for the Joe Satriani model, but its not a JS because it doesn't have "Joe Satriani" written on the headstock where the model name for most Ibanez's are. There's nothing there where there's supposed to be a model name.
And today I brought that guitar to school and one of my friends made out that it was worth alot because it says where the serial code is on the back of the nexk "Made in Japan".
And yeah, they said its a really rare guitar, apparently, and I was wondering could anyone back this claim up?
Sounds like it might be a late 80's Radius.

Ibanez released the Power, Sabre, and Radius around 87' or so.

I believe the Radius is what Satch used before he got his signature made.

A friend still has his 88' Sabre and I always thought it played great.

Post pics for a definite answer.

those are pics of it and i iput a photo of the back of the headstock too
Radius i'm willing to bet... it does look strikingly similar to the satch sig.
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wow, that pretty much looks like the joe satriani signature. keep it, don't sell it. unless its worth like, heaps and heaps.
Quote by daltoor
well yeah...are they worth anything?

Let's say selling it for 400$ would be a waste. I can't give a definite price though.

You're gonna hold on to it, right? I mean, giving that up would be a foolish mistake....
no im definitely not gonna sell it i was just checking if it was heaps rare or anything
Wow dude nice ****ing score on that one. They are rather hard to come by. I've never seen that green color though... looks so close to LNG.