I have an acoustic guitar, but for my birthday, I was thinking of getting an electric guitar. I want to get something under 250 bucks (unless it's a bundle). My guitar teacher recommended these:


Which would, in your opinion, be the best buy? If you think none of these are any good, feel free to recommend something else.
if you're looking for like, hard rock, go the SG. If you're looking for like, a classic rock sound, go the squier tele. People will tell you to steer away from squier, but that doesn't matter, they're good beginner guitars, just steer away from the squier bullet. But the tele sounds good. i was going to buy one in fact. and to the ibanez, just no.
ditto.... anything but that POS ibanez
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Why not a Squier Strat? It'll be more versatile then a Tele but it depends what sound you're going for. I'd either go with a Squier Strat or Tele but get the Affinity not Standard. Affinity body is alder, Standard is agathis or however its spelled. People here bitch about them all the time but for the money they sound pretty good on clean channel, just when you want lots of gain they'll hiss and fart. So maybe a pickup change if you really end up liking it
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Go for the SG. I had it as my first and it's well built (solid) and sounds good. As a noob you won't even really notice the difference to a more expensive guitar.
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