I changed a string for the first time on my Ibanez 1570 by simply unwinding the alan key at the end of the string on the trem, pulling out the old string and inserting the new one. The manual had pretty bad explanations, anyway now the whole trem is angled downards severely, restricting downward movement of the arm, how can i adjust it so it is parrelel to the guitar when in resting position?

Sounds like you either went to a lighter gauge or drop tuned. Read up on the Floyd Rose tutorials on this forum or google 'how to set up a floyd rose'. You have a floating bridge so the string tension has to equal spring tension so it sits leveled. You do that by loosening or tightening the 2 claw screws in the back that hold the springs or adding another spring if the bridge is riding too high. Which yours isnt of course so you gotta loosen the 2 screws
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