Hi everyone,

I'm trying to decide which distortion pedal to buy, there are so many and I dont know the difference in the sounds!

I know I want to sound like weezer and rivers uses a Boss Turbo Distortion overdrive.

He also uses a Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer Overdrive and a Z-Vex pedals - Fuzz Factory "The Big Muff"

I dono which of those 3 he uses at the same time or just 1 at a time to get the sound...any ideas on which pedal to buy or how he achieves his sound?
Obviously depends on the song. I would guess on songs like the undone and buddy holly he's using a tube screamer before a fuzz pedal. The distortion has a muddy sound, but also clarity. A TS before a dark distortion pedal gives me a good version of that sound.
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