hey i need some help- i recently bought a fender frontman 65R and it has a horrible hum and high pitched background noise. took it to my fender dealer who said nothing was wrong. i want to fix it myself, just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem with the frontman 65R and how do you fix it?
all feedback welcome
Does grounding it help?
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Does it have the noise with no cables plugged in? Just want to make sure it is the amp. Also check if there is any electronic equipment nearby that might affect it (ie anything wireless). Otherwise you're screwed. Unless you have a lot of electronic engineering experience, don't bother trying to fix it. Cheap amps like that a just one giant PC board. It will cost you more to locate the problem professionally that to buy a new one. Save your money for something decent.
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Hi I had the hum too. turned out to be reverb on mine if you turn the reverb down humm goes away.
I then swtiched the two coax cables around on the spring reverb unit in the box and now no more hum