Can someone tell me what wah pedal slash uses in the song messages, by velvet revolver. It's a bonus song you can only get through itunes (i think), but you can also find it on youtube. Thanks a lot, in advance.
Slash uses a Dunlop Cry Baby most of the time.
Haven't heard the song though...
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The Signature Slash Pedal from Dunlop is a start.
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he doesn't use his signature pedal, its an original crybaby
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he doesn't use his signature pedal, its an original crybaby

He uses a custom shop rack Crybaby. Which is nothing like the original Crybaby.
^thats what they want you to think to make little kids that like slash spend too much money on a wah


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^thats what they want you to think to make little kids that like slash spend too much money on a wah

+1. It's not even plugged in, and you can see the rack wah when they take a look at his rig.

Also, to those guys who say they've seen him use it, it's possible he's just using it as an expression pedal for the rack wah. There's no guarantee it's not been modded so while it looks like the Sig Wah, it's conceivable that he's just using it for expression.
Yeah, at least for the recording of appetite, (not what the topic's technically about, i know...) slash used a custom built wah, but it was in a dunlop crybaby case - they were happy, free advertising, cause it looked like a crybaby, even though it really wasn't
Only modern Crybaby wahs are crap. You don't know if it's a model from some time in the past.
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get a crybaby emulate the sound but you wont get it perfect, slash himself has spent the last 20 years trying to recreate his appetite sound but cant
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^^^ He doesnt want the appetite sound...

He wants the Velvet Revolver sound.

And is there any proof that Slash still uses a regular crybaby? Dont the Originals have the fasel inductor?

And the Slash wah isnt just some POS that he slapped his name on... its a VERY good wah. it is nothing like the KK MG.
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The $600 rack Crybaby is a few steps up from the $70 original Crybaby.

Yeah, I know that... but I read that he uses the rack for bigger shows, and he uses his sig version for smaller venues and he used his sig version for recording the wah on Libertad.