I've been playing guitar for about 8-9 months and I am very worried that I'm not progressing. I haven't learnt a whole song yet and only play riffs. I have only learnt 2 solos which are the One Intro Solo and the Eruption tapping solo (which everyone keeps telling me sounds like crap). Here are some notable things I've learnt:

-One intro plus intro solo
-Eruption tapping solo
-Most of Enter Sandman
-Most of the Duke Nukem theme
-Most of Killing in the Name
-Crossroads and Sunshine of Your Love Riff

Along with other less important RIFFS such as Carry on My Wayward Son, MANY Black Sabbath songs, a few System of Down songs, Breaking the Law, Don't Forget the Reaper, Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight and lots more.

Some techniques I've learnt are tapping, sliding, trilling, chords and a few odd scales. I haven't learnt Pinch Harmonicing yet along with some other techniques.

So on your opinion; have I progressed like I should've?
hmmmmmmm maybe if you feel like your not progressing you should go back to basics powerchords simple stuff for a bit then move on. ive felt lijke that a number of times gone back to basics and built up again. just an idea.
dont worry about it, your doing way better than i was when i started off. Just keep playing and you'll soon notice a difference =]
Nah I dont think you suck.. did you say you know some system of a down. Which ones?
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The most important thing is do you enjoy it??

I really enjoy my guitar and in a year of playing I have progressed past mates who have been playing for 2-5 years. The reason being the enjoyment they get compared to me, so thats all you gotta ask yourself. It also does factor from practise but from enjoyment comes a willingness to practise what is typically boring exercises and do it for longer.

Anyways you sound like your doing alright, the progression from basics to intermidite takes a while and does seem like you aren't progessing much, but go back to songs that you found a little hard before and re-learn them, you will see the difference. Also try pushing yourself at times, I realised I had improved a lot when after a few picking and speed exercises I was able to play Angel of Death - Slayer with ease.