i dont know whats happenned just lately, i just cant write good lyrics anymore.
last year i was able to come up with good lyrics all the time but now days i just cant
any advice?
You could just have a case of writer's block. You have to find inspiration, maybe listen to your favorite artist to get into the mood, or read some of your older lyrics and see if you can draw inspiration from those.

choose two random thing in your room, imagine them as animate objects interacting with each other and write about teh ongoing tale/fight/WE.
yea man,

happens to all of us. sometimes i can write a cple of songs per day for like a week, or whenever i try for a month, and then i just fkn cant for a month or even two. its just like that. depends on your mood, and stress and sht like that i think.

anyway GL dude
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