just something i wrote real quick off the top of my head. the meter changes a bit in the second half. this is about the fifth song i've ever written, so please don't destroy me.

Smother it, like a pillow
the biochemistry that controls actions
the nurturing brought forth from the cradle.
as you walk boulevards
the skyscrapers shadow with oppression
causing an overactive imagination to
derive reductions
and flatten the earth into symmetry.

to liberate
you must create
the lines you draw
are the chains you make.

the outlaws live in the skirts of the city
diving to the centre along paved ways
into nothing i dissolved my identity
to make way for the rage of cavalcade
do you want to be another?
under weight of a striptease gaze
asymmetry shouts for a battle crave
have you no sisters or brothers?
they were flattened in the crushing
of androgynae waves

to liberate
you must create
the lines you draw
will be the chains you make

you craved to be another
now there is no more
created to the standards
you always abhorred
the symmetry's complete
complete with door and lock
our differences negated
we're served soma
in this box.