New song I just wrote for my band. Post-Hardcore, I guess. Biggest influences were As Cities Burn and The Fall of Troy.
Song's called "The Three Attic Whalestoe Letters". I'm in love with the outro, and yeah. Tell me what you think.
ghostclouds - the three attic whalestoe letters.zip
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That kicked some serious ass. I think you pulled off the Fall Of Troy thing pretty well, and the stop-start sort of odd timed parts were really cool. I like the changes and different parts you added in the verses so it doesn't get boring. It keeps it fresh and fun to listen to. The drums blew me away too, as they always seemed to be adding something interesting to the song rather then just keeping time.

I didn't much care for the break down part. I think you need another chord or some sort of dynamic build up there otherwise it doesn't sound that great. The outro I'm not so sure if I love either... It also needs something different to it. I'm assuming you would fade it out, since you added so many repetitions, but maybe a high guitar part would help make that sound better, since without anything on top of it it just gets stale.

9/10 though, great work.
Sweet, 83 views and 1 reply. Hehe.
Anyway, song's gone through a bunch of changes. I really like this one, one of my favorites I've written. Check it out yo.
and yeah, song name has changes. this probably isn't the final name either :P
edit: and the keyboardist is the vocalist, that's why his parts are so minimal
Wow, that was pretty much amazing. I thought I was listening to a Fall of Troy song for a minute. And I can hear why you're in love with the outro. Before I read that you were, all I could think was 'wow, this pretty much makes the song.' I love that riff that starts at bar 25 though, with it's melodic beginning then decay into dissonance (successfully).