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Does anyone else on here have a musical family?
All 4 cousins, my 2 uncles and both grandfathers are/were all musicians or singers.

Anyone else got a background like that?
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All three of my cousins play the piano, my dad is a bass player, my sister plays the clarinet, my grandma was a singer, and my grandpa played the guitar.
One time my dad did karaoke
My grampa played piano, my father plays piano and guitar and I play guitar.

My brother has no sense of rythm or music and is therefore listening to cRap
My immediate family aren't, but my great grandad (I think) used to play piano in cinemas, my second cousin is a composer who does scores for films, and my great great aunt (I think) was a successful pianist.
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My brother has no sense of rythm or music and is therefore listening to cRap

Because rap doesn't have a driving beat and a strong rhythm and flow?

... Oh, wait...
My father plays guitar, my 'stepfather' if you will plays guitar, harp and banjo. My mother plays the recorder and piano.

Oh, and my great grandmother, born in 1911, was a guitarist.
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I'm the only person in my family with any musical talent.

It's great

You Win!

I don't like my family so I don't bother asking, but my grandfather seems to frown upon me playing guitar, so I assume they all suck
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My dad plays piano and guitar, and my sister plays piano, flute and sax.
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You Win!

I don't like my family so I don't bother asking, but my grandfather seems to frown upon me playing guitar, so I assume they all suck

Yea, my grandparents came over about 6 months ago. And mum suggested I play them something, so I did.

I don't really know what happened, but they havn't really visited since.
my family is horribly tone deaf, it's annoying. very annoying.
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Not at all. I play guitar and drums, my brother plays synths and I have a cousin who plays bass, thats it.
Yep, my mums side had a good few musicians in it. My uncle is (well, was a guitarist before he lost the use of his right arm), and few more guitarists: Great Grandad, his brother, my mums uncle. My mums uncle played a 12-String, a banjo and the accordion lol. He got killed in WWII though
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Everyone on my mothers side plays an instrument. 2 of them are music teachers, and 3 of them used to be in an all female rock band for an odd 15 years.

Comes in handy with any questions or gear/gig advice.
My grandpappy plays the geetar and my brother played the keyboard for a while. Other than that my family just sucks.
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My Dad plays the drums, my great Grandad played the drums and my uncle plays the drums.

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When I started playing, I was the only one in my family, but now I'm all grown up and have two kids of my own who both play, yeah, I suppose I am in a musical family.
My whole family is musical. Back to about my great great grandparents, probably further back
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My father sings and plays a bit of guitar, but as far as I'm aware that's it.
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My grandma and aunt are music teachers. That's as far as it goes .

Three of my cousins on my moms side of the family are excellent musicians (Really really good.)

On my dads side all of the cousins are musicians (or, well they play music )

All in all we have a big family band with double bass and three guitars
My brother is probably the best guitarist I have ever seen, apart from that no one in my family appreciates music enough to play any instrument.
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My grampa played piano, my father plays piano and guitar and I play guitar.

My brother has no sense of rythm or music and is therefore listening to cRap

Because rap requires no rhythm at all...

Anyways, i come from a family of artists...
My dad is a Berklee grad
My dad's mom is a professional painter, sculptor, jewler, everything, really.
My dad's dad is a professional painter
My mom's mom is an organist at her church.
Everyone in my family is pretty musical except from my dad, he's absolutley tone deaf.
My aunt was in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir for a long time, but she had to stop recently because she kind of got burnt out. Other than that, it's a bit of piano here, a bit of guitar there, but nothing special.
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hmm my mother and my sister arent really musical but my father played the flute for 6 years so now he can play every tune he hears on the flute
My father was a professional-quality tuba player (he was recruited by both the Marine Corps Band and the Navy Band), and my great-grandfather was a pianist in a jazz dance band in the 1920s. Those are the only real musicians I know of in my family.
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My brother, father, and 2 of my cousins play bass. 2 of my uncles, and 3 of my cousins play guitar.
My grandfather played with the UNO concert band back in the day with Wynton Marsalis, my uncle plays guitar, I have a great uncle who plays trumpet with Pete Fountain and various other brass bands, my cousin is Dr. John and I am distantly related to Chopin.
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My grandfather plays piano, my mum plays piano and guitar, my sister plays piano and i play guitar, bass and drums.
yeah, actually, I come from a family like that.

me- guitar, bass, drums, piano/organ, banjo, mandolin
my sister- violin (her son plays guitar)
my dad- guitar, banjo, mandolin
my uncle 1- guitar (my cousin from this uncle plays guitar)
my uncle 2- guitar, drums (my cousin from this uncle plays guitar, bass, drums)
my aunt- piano/organ
my grandpa- guitar
my grandma- piano
my dads uncle- guitar and bass

theres a lot of musicians in my family. to our family, somehow music comes natural. I can pick up just about any instrument and learn how to play it in a matter of a few weeks to a few months.
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My uncle was an amazing classical guitar player and was gonna do some big things before he was killed and my other uncle plays a bit of guitar. My cousin plays bass in a band and also guitar and he is pretty good at it. Thats really it as far as I know.
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