Me and my band are planning to record our first demo, and we wanted it sound good enough. Drums are already recorded in a studio with perfect quality, so they aren't a problem.
Do you think it is worth getting one of these? Our equipment are Gibson Custom LesPaul and ESP LTD EC-1000 guitars, DD-6 delay pedal and a wah. Is it gonna sound okey with that, or should we pay more for a studio?

I've checked the reviews section, but some people gave it a 10 and then some gave it a 2, so I'd like more opinions about this recorder. Any advice will be welcome.
Thank you!
I had the UX1 and cant say I likedit much, its already sold on ebay after a week in my studio...

its great that you have drums recorded in the studio since you dont need a large interface to run all the mics into to mic any drum set.

I suggest the Mackie Onyx Satellite interface which is firewire compared to 1.1USB so you wont get any pops or lagging (latency).

If you have vista, stay away from the toneports at this time...the drives are just crashing left and right.

Go and read over the Riffs & Recordings formthe proper place for recording questions...)
What amps do you have?

While the amp modeling is pretty decent; it doesn't come close to a nice tube amp.
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