Hello guys, i'm the only guitarist in our band and sometimes when I go from playing a heavy/chord driven passage into a solo it suddenly sounds very thin, almost like the volume has dropped out.

i was looking at the ts7 from ibanez which has a "hot" button which simply boosts the volume and gives things a bit more ooomph but before i forked out for a new pedal i was wondering how other people solved this problem?

would something like a compressor help by levelling off the sound through both passages?

currently i have an ibanez rg, boss mt-7 and peavy amp. would appreciate some help!

Odds are your amp is SS.

In which case, just play rhythem with your guitar volume on like 6 or 7, and then whack it to 10 for solos.
The Laney Thread are big and clever. No exceptions.
Well if your willing for a pedal purchase, either an OD pedal, EQ or Clean boost will IMO be best.

An od pedal can add its own flavour, get abit more grit and more volume to the solo.

An EQ pedal, can add volume, and also boost frequencies best for soloes (mids ftw!)

A clean boost is exactly what it says pretty much, press it and it will boost your signal without adding grit or colouration of tone.
thanks guys for all the suggestions...
i borrowed a friends EQ pedal and it was just about the perfect solution.
Yeah, EQ.

I don't use a volume boost live, because my style dictates that I don't need one, but when I'm recording, I automate in additional EQ for solos.

A good reference point is to boost around 3kHz (most EQ's have a 3.2kHz fader) and again at 200Hz, which beefs up the tone AND increases presence and clarity.