i just set my truss rod and stuff for the first time ever, it's awesome, super low action, no buzz, EXCEPT my little e is buzzing on the 1st fret, and slightly on the second, i don't wanna have to raise the action on the other strings since they're perfect, is there any DIY way to raise a single string on the bridge?

thanks in advance

Ye, mine has the same problem, not sure wat to do about it...at least i don't play that spot too much!
If you're getting fret buzz that high on the neck, chances are it's not the bridge saddle you need to concern yourself with, but rather the nut slot for that string. It's more than likely too deep, allowing that string to sit too close to the fretboard. If you raise the saddle, it will have very little effect that far up the neck to raise the string due to the distance between saddle and nut. If you raise the nut, the same thing occurs, but in reverse.
You also may have high frets, but not likely as it's only occuring to 1 string.
And be careful cranking on that truss rod. Only 1/8 of a turn at a time either way then let the guitar sit. I mean 1/8 of a turn today, let it sit overnight then recheck. Not 1/8, wait a few min, another turn, wait. Never do that. It's too much stress on the neck.
Sounds like the nut slot is too deep to me too, I've seen people put a small strip of paper under them but I would much rather have it fixed. Probably around $30 if you have a decent luthier nearby. The paper also makes the string sound dead, it's a lot softer than either bone or plastic and doesn't transfer vibration well. It's an acceptable quick temporary fix, when you're in a bind and need to make a gig, otherwise get it to a shop and have the nut raised or replaced. I would go for a replacement, and go with bone, it's lots better than the plastic nuts most less expensive guitars have. You're seeing why right now, it wears more quickly.

To repair it yourself would require a bit of knowledge, and some expensive nut files, around $100-120 last time I checked. The nut itself is fairly easy to replace, but the nut slots must be the correct width, spacing and angle and the depth must be pretty precise. The nut blank also will have to be shaped (sandpaper and file) to fit the guitar. They can't be made for a precise fit, every guitar is different...so they make blanks that are close, you mark and sand or file them for a good fit.

Also watch that truss rod, absolutely no more than 1/4 turn at any time, then let it settle, 1/8 turn is fine but the recommendation of the pros is absolutely no more than 1/4 turn. But always let it sit overnight, as Dave recommended. I prefer to let mine sit a few days to a week, but that's overkill, just me being overly cautious. Overnight is fine. Mainly, I wanted to stress Dave's point, NEVER more than one adjustment per 24 hour period.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
i'll test some DIY first then probably end up getting it done at a shop too :p