birthday coming up
and recently been recruited to a band playing primarily pop-punk
ie. the whole band wants to sound like paramore
got a 70 pound limit
which is like $120/140 i think

am currently playing through
a schecter tempest custom, Emg 81/60
Dunlop crybaby
boss MT-2
EHX hloy grail reverb
EHX metal muff with top boost
into a 100w 1986 peavey solo series 112
(as you can tell im more geared towards metal, but hey what you gonna do)
the band is not serious yet so no suggestions of new amps
as i know i need a decent tube asap
how about the jekl & hyde or maybe a metal muff. the only cheap distorn pedals i know of are the fender seris ones and then the boss ds1. i have a ds1 and its not made 4 metal. oh maybe u should get a multi effects thingy
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i own a boss os-2, and to say the truth, im prowd of buying this pedal. the distortion to the max does not feel so natural, so i stay on max and 50/50 on overdrive/distortion.. sounds so smooth.

dunno how much it will cost, but its cheaper than mt-2..
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However, from personal experience, you WILL get recommended a Metal Muff if you post this thread in there.