I liked it. The verse riff was great, and the chorus was fun. With vocals I'm sure it would be great. The solo was good, but it seemed to just jump in another direction at 76, which was kinda weird. Great drums.

Overall, I enjoyed it, but it seemed to miss that special something you'd need to make it in the metalcore scene nowadays. Which is dying anywho.

I dunno much about metal core, but i liked it. Although i think the solo DID change "feel" at 76, i think its OK. makes it different. very professional sounding...
ya..GrandSummon..u're right..i jumped my solo at bar no. 76..and thanks for your rating dude..
It seems like you have a pretty decent ear, but that sounds way too generic for me. You could definitely improve.
Maybe U2 wouldn't suck so hard if they stopped preaching and started rocking instead. Of course, that's difficult to do with Pantera holding a near monopoly on all things that rock.
I really liked the chorus and I think it would sound awesome with some high maybe Atreyu style vocals or something. The verse felt pretty groovy as well, although like everyone else is saying it did seem kind of generic. It works though and thats what counts.

The solo did jump as well, and I'm not sure it was for the best with that part, but there wee definitely some sweet parts and the transition back to the chorus was flawless and it felt like it fit really well.

I'm thinking an 8/10, around there.
Very, good... the pre-chorus, chorus, and solo's rocked my socks. The verse was only okay, and personally even though the solo did switch up at bar 76, I think it worked.

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All in all there were a lot of cool riffs and leads in there. I really like the chorus lead. Solo was pretty decent...although I would agree about bar 77 onward...sounds like too drastic a change of mood/pace there. Doesn't sound natural. Other than that....pretty sweet!
oh..ya... breakdown...i don't know why ...my emotions got high not to make the breakdown..so i went for chorus after my solo. i wanna make something different to my solo ..so i jump out at bar 76...