My problem is not that the bridge is not balanced. But whenever I dive with the trem, the strings go a bit flat when I release it. To make the strings go back to tune, I have to use the trem, but the other way, I have to pull the strings to put them back to tune. Is this a common problem? Whatever is wrong with my trem?
What kind of floyd rose do you have? If it is a licensed floyd rose, chances are it's of low quality.
Take it in to a shop. DON'T TOUCH IT IF YOU DON'T HOW TO FIX IT.

Flap it and enjoy yourself...

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Well honestly it's not an OFR, it's rather an Edge III; I've tried many guitars with that Edge III and I still don't believe that people say it's low quality. I'm not very experienced with repairing floating tremolos; am I going to need a replacement?
If it's the Edge III, those are notorious for having knife edge issues. Might want to go get it checked by a shop.
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Well, I don't know if the tremolo was "balanced" before, but it stayed in tune perfectly. But now I adjusted the screws from the back, lowered the action a bit. Whenever I divebomb the bridge stays perfectly in tune when I release it; I'll play for a few hours and check if the problem was really gone.
I guess there's not a problem anymore with this bridge; it was probably because the bridge was tilting more towards the body of the guitar. But that is no longer a problem, and I still haven't experienced any problems with diving until now. I hope that was the end of the problem. Thanks for your help
Disregard that last post, I guess im still experiencing the problem. I have a feeling it's a problem with the springs; I want to take this guitar to an expert, but it's difficult to find one here. Any kind of help on how to fix this is greatly appreciated.