Well this is the first song i've ever wrote...please tell what you think.

It's over between us
And i can't stand the pain
Everytime I look at you
you're happy again

I pretend that I don't care
I say im over you
Inside i am crying
Don't know what to do

I made a mistake
I realised after
I tired and I tried
You looked at me and said
Babe it's over, I've moved on
Babe it's over i've moved

My heart was truely broken
Tears running down my face
You walked away, forever
It all seemed out of place

All the good times we shared
Bad moments we got through
We did it together
Whilst saying forever

Babe it's over
You've moved on

Now it's over
You've moved on

Yeah, it's over

Cheezy. Been done before.

But good.

Enough to get you famous in this day and age.
Gibson Zoot Suit in Rainbow
ESP LTD Deluxe EC-1000

Where are the ladies, man?