So what are some memorable vacations you guys have had? Or where is a place you would want to go for a vacation?

For me it was going to Brasil last summer break. It was amazing

Post pics if you can.
...I can't because I took all my pictures with a 35mm camera so all I have is prints and I have no scanner.
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Best place for a vacation is probably singapore. Great food, cool people, more birds and azns than you could probably handle. I'd love to go to Paris and Firenze sometime, followed by Kyoto and Tokyo
I went to Egypt a few years back. When I say a few years I was around ten at the time, but it was amazing. I'd like to go back again. I also want to go to Russia, because it's an awesome country. If I end up going to the university I want with the course I want, I'd be spending a year living and studying there =D
I'm not going to uni for another year yet though.
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Big Rapids, Michigan. You will LOVE it....trust me
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I'm going to the costa's in spain this summer with some friends, should lead to some memorable moments
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I don't really go to Vacations a lot, but I usually go to Spain since it's really close, and I must say they have very hot chicks (which is the point of the vacation).