So, i want to buy a pedal and I've narrowed down my choices. These are my 2choices.



My budget is 130bucks. Basically im looking for a pedal with versatility. I should be able to get a Pantera sound ranging all the way to a Nirvana sound. And a good punk sound too. The reason I want a pedal is because my Spider III isnt the best. And I should be able to have a nice good lead for soloing. So, which pedal is me? Or if neither are, recommend me one.
Go with the Metal Muff from Electro Harmonix. Great versatility, even if the "metal" turns you off.

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neither of those will get the gain for pantera sounds, you need a tube amp and an equaizer for that
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Firstly, from the sound of it you want distortion, not overdrive. And yes, those are two different things.

Secondly though, you need to change that amp. You can get the best pedals in the world, the best cables and the best guitars, and they'll still sound crap if played through a crap amp. Your amp dictates your tone more than any other piece of equipment, get a good amp first.
If you've been here since Nov 2006 you should know that the only proper answer for this question is "get a new amp first."

Putting a pedal in front of a crappy amp does not make the amp better. If you have $130, save up a little more and get a decent amp. Don't waste it on a pedal, which won't help you.
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