written two months ago while high on salvia divinorum.

joogleberry playhouse
busting mystic son to stay house
the animatronics do not compute
give herman a glove X-52
aluicious stare
melted cheese
snare touch
oh it's all make believe in the

Joogleberry playhouse
just you wait and see
like falling out of a cherry tree
with a hive of bees
Scratchy McStingathon
ow ow oh me
oh my
tigers scratching
my android eyes in the

joogleberry playhouse
tears cry to make you fly
green chocolate mousketeers
shaving their heads
spreading their thighs
it's all here like cake and alphabet soup
it takes days to clean up all the goop in the

Joogleberry playhouse
thanks alot man. i appreciate that. the actual music to the song is pretty ridiculous. it sounds like a chucky cheese anthem gone wrong. if i had the file i would upload it but its on my ipod and i can't find it.