Poll: Which amp is best for me?
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Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker
2 8%
Carvin Legacy
14 58%
Mesa Boogie Rectoverb
8 33%
Other(Please post)
0 0%
Voters: 24.
I've been looking for a new amp for a while now and finally have it narrowed down to 3 amps.
1) Mesa Boogie Heartbreaker
2) Carvin Legacy
3) Mesa Boogie Rectoverb

I'm looking for a great lead tone like Vai, Gilbert and Satch but it also need to be able to handle solid distorted rythme tone like Lagwagon, Rise Against, No Use for a Name. I'm sure you guys know the lead guitarists I mentioned above but maybe not the bands I stated. Check these videos out if you need to hear them.....




BTW, If I need a pedal to get both the tones with one of these amps just let me know which one....

Its not in the poll but a Carvin V3 is now another option which I'm heavily leaning toward if you have any thoughts on them.

I just checked craigslists today and theres a Mesa Mark IV 1x12 combo going for $950. Would I be better off with that or the V3?
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Well considering Vai uses a legacy if you want to get his tone that would be the way to go.
engl screamer..

Or Laney
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Isnt that more of a blues amp?

edit to the guy who suggested the lonestar
I Just check the Carvin site and the Carvin V3 combo went on sale for $1,000 would that be good for what I'm looking for I heard its got great lead and rythme tone and is very versitile.
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Ok thanks for all the replies, through it all it looks like it comes down to the Carvin V3. Thanks for all the advice and support I'll be sure to post some sound clips for guys when I get it.
I just checked craigslists today and theres a Mesa Mark IV 1x12 combo going for $950. Would I be better off with that or the V3?