According to ultimate guitar reviews, the cheaper Pacifica 012 has a better sound quality, better action and more features that the more expensive pacifica 112, which is deemed to be more reliable. Considering that the sound quality is important, aswell as the other two factors, can it be said based on this review that the pacifica 012 would be better to get?
I like my 012, but unless you're JUST starting out, I don't recommend them. The neck is a little too narrow, making it hard to do lead playing sometimes. Plus the pickups are crap.

Oh and its plywood...

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yes the 112 is a fine axe

better than the 012

ive played them all and now play an 812v which generally knocks out even us built strats
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the new 112v is an exxxcelent guitar

lush action, beautifully set up, solid as a rock and sounds good too, the single coils make little, if any, noise.
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It is alder not plywood. Great starting guitar prefer it to my other 2 tbh.

Have you had a look at Hagstroms and Cort's such as the G250 they have Wilkinson trems and Mighty Mike Pickups. Real nice.
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My 012 isn't made out of Plywood...

And i think theres not much difference, i've played on both 012 and 112 (I have a 012 as one of my guitars) and they are awesome guitars.

The only problem with the 012 is on one of the batches they got given dodgy input jacks, but they will replace them for free. But thats only on one batch (one of mine -.-).

Get one, they are awesome
no noo nooo

the 012 is made of laminate (not real ply wood)
the 112 is alder !!!!!
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