Rest, thats the most important part. Also binge on Gatorade and Bananas.
TEEP!!! Oiiiiiiieeeeeeeyyy!!!!!!
Well I started with that and ended up with permanent nerve damage... All I can say is stop and rest. Dont play for 6 weeks.

Im in a splint for the next few months cause Ive got it tht bad.

Seriously rest and dont play.
Sat in a lab, curing diseases. They actually LET me play with chemicals!
Hey mate,
I've just recently got over a serious case of tendonitis. It's hell i know!
I had so much advice given to me on what to do for the best and i found that it took a mixture of these things to help:
- Glucosime Sulphate tablets
-Cod liver oil capsules
-Wrist splint / support bandage.
-Ice-ing the area (if this doesn't work for you try using a heat pad instead)

You can get those tablets from any health shop such as Holland and Barrett.

Mine took over 3 months to heal fully and still twinges on occassion, but give it a try!

Good luck!
warm up your hands before you play and stop playing before the start to hurt. also if you wanna try warming DOWN that will help.