Hey guys.
As it reads in the title of the thread, i need help on getting new gear.
I have a friend working at a guitar shop, and i asked him if he had any good deals for me.
He told me if i could get him about $280 USD he could get me:
a 30W randall amp + a schecter extreme series.

For the amp, i did a little research around the site, and ive read up a bit on tubes and SS amps. At the moment, i still have no idea whether its a tube or SS amp, but ill check it out asap. I also read that randall is mostly a "metal" amp? does the distortion get too heavy? and since its more of a "metal" amp, does the clean sound suffer?

As for the guitar, the extreme series seem to be a pretty new series, and ive got no idea how it is. There are currently no reviews on any schecter extreme series on UG, so id really appreciate your comments.

Thanks guys, id really appreciate it if you guys could give constructive comments as im kinda desperate for new gear.
Actually i kinda play everything.
I play anything i like to listen
Metallica, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys
Something along those lines.
Are those good deals?