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I think Chinese is one of the more complicated languages, you're probably best getting a CD/Tutor.

Pimsleur do good language CDs.
It's really difficult learning Chines because noone speaks it. Chinese, on the other hand, is still hard. I'd get a tutor or do an immersion course.
I was wondering what he was talking about haha.
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looooool i wondered what he wants to tell us.. well to learn chinese i think it's too late.. if you don't learn it as your mother tongue, you'll just get owned by painted letters
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Get into a course or languages school. You will not learn Chinese over the internet.

Chines? I love chines. They're a lot like chimes, but slightly less annoying.

Chinese, on the other hand, is hard as a bitch to learn. I would suggest Japanese, much easier.
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There's no such language as Chinese, it's either Mandarin or Cantonese. Knowing what you actually "need" to learn is probably a good start.
I have a developed a 4 step plan to help you out.
1. learn to lip read
2. watch a Jackie Chan movie that was made in china, but translated into english, and learn every line by heart
3. Now mute the movie and lip read what they are saying in chinese
4. translate it and boom your speaking chinese.
Don’t use rosetta stone. I have been using that for 3 quarters, and I have learned more from a childrens “learn spanish with pictures” than rosetta stone. The whole program just doesn’t work as well as everyone wants it to.
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