I've decided to look for an acoustic guitar but so far i've not managed to find anything that looks really striking.

I'm more of an electric guitar player but i would like to have an acoustic just to play to myself from time to time so i'm not too fussed about the quality of build or sound.

I just want something that looks really original and striking, preferably in white or a really light colour. I've seen a lot of nice fretboards with fancy inlays, that would also be a big bonus.

If you know of any that look unique or abstract or that match my criteria then please let me know the make and model.

many thanks
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Here's one that might interest:


hmm not quite what i was looking for but thanks anyway

i've actually found something i really like, i would just like to check what you guys thought of it.

It's this http://www.lunaguitars.com/henna.php#oasisc i'm not sure what Luna guitars are like but it's exactly what i'm looking for

many thanks