Does anyone know where to find a good condensed set of rules online for second species counterpoint, or at least the additional rules from first species. I've got an assignment to write a second species counterpoint to a given bassline due in about 3 hours, so any help would be appreciated.
Uhh...your textbook? It's 2nd species, it isn't particularly hard unless they gave you a bitch of a bass line. Just make it cadence at the end, follow the rules for melody construction, remember your dissonant intervals, use lots of passing tones between beats, and you'll be fine.

EDIT: Here are the rules from Wikipedia, though as I assumed it is a very short list. It is all the rules of 1st species except add these.

1. It is permissible to begin on an upbeat, leaving a half-rest in the added voice.
2. The accented beat must have only consonance (perfect or imperfect). The unaccented beat may have dissonance, but only as a passing tone, i.e. it must be approached and left by step in the same direction.
3. Avoid the interval of the unison except at the beginning or end of the example, except that it may occur on the unaccented portion of the bar.
4. Use caution with successive accented perfect fifths or octaves. They must not be used as part of a sequential pattern.
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Yeah, we don't have a textbook for this class, so thats fun. Thats awesome though, that sounds like the stuff we're doing in class, I just couldn't really get clear definitive rules out of the stuff we did.