Ok so I play bass right but I would like an acoustic to mess around with. I currently have this like Car boot sale, 3/4 size, untune-able peice of **** which is no fun.

I'm looking for something below £50.

That includes PnP :P

I know I'm a cheap skate but it's all i have at the moment. and I will be willing to stretch to like £60 but only if it's a must.

Please don't post here with the option "Save more money" because I need the cash for gig tickets ;o

I was thinking of an acoustic like this :


Oh and not a must be... I would love it if it was Red/ Blue/ Black =]

ANy help appreciated =]
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gobuy on ebay... or maybe sum1 sells you his old one... there are rly cheap ones, i got an acoustic (wich i smashed after playing, well lol i had fun) for 5€
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i do it a lot. ill be playin somethin and i forget to close my mouth... sometimes its really bad, slobber everywhere. i goes mostly over the neck, on the higher frets, and its really hard to get out from under the strings.
The guitar looks ok, but at £40 don't expect too much! Have you considered going second hand?
Buy used. The value of most guitars drops considerably after 3 years. I just bought an Alvarez professional series, and not counting the practically new case I got with it, I've got about $75 in it, but it's my favorite guitar. Deals are out there. New ones that cheap are absolute turds though. What makes you think that a new cheap-as-hell guitar would be any better than your car sale untunable piece of sh!t?
Ok well I'm not a big ebay fan for many reasons so are there any other places that do second hand?
"Punk is a state of mind, and no one can take that away from you."
Don't judge a guitar on it's price. I got a Kimbara (ever heard of them?) off my girlfriend and it must be worth about £30, but i like it.

One on e-bay

I wouldn't play it live, but it's okay to sit around at home with.