Ok so I am beyond happy that Dean has started making the long awaited stealth. But one thing disturbes me. The one thats black is a string through body. Now I like the one with the floyd on it. But i would like a plan black stealth with a floyd rose. Would it be worth it to buy the string through and put a floyd on it or is it too much trouble?
Secondly what do you guys think of the new stealth. Anyone seen them or played them?
It disturbs you?
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Oh hey I just read in that thread that there will be a floyded production stealth. Looks like you don't have to worry about it yourself. But hey you might want to consider that limited run if you want all the upgraded parts.
It's just a sharp ML.... like a Razorback, but without Darrell's trademark.... oh wait it still says Dime on it.
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Another example of "Hey let's stamp 'DIME' on it somewhere and charge an extra $500 more than we were originally going to overprice it"
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I like the Cemetary Gates Razorback alot more,and I usually hate razorbacks with over-the-top graphics on them.
Dean'll run out of ideas how to rape Dime's corpse soon enough. .I hope, it's just immoral what they're doing, they don't care about paying tribute to him, if they did they would've been fine after the first 100 tribute models they released
that is ****ing sweet
maybee now theyll bring back his other washburn sig
you know that other really sweet one that is impossible to get
the culprit?