Hi all,

Do you think you guys could help me figure out some chords for Ladies' Choice from Hairspray?? I'll be playing for an audience with some friends (strictly acoustic guitar only). I found the bass tabs (if it helps):


But I think it would sound really bare if I just played the bass tabs, so I was hoping to play chords with it, to give the song more character!

Any help would be appreciated !
Oh dear....
That's not at all an easy thing to pull off. The chords are basic enough; just a standard D, G, A progression, but this song ows everything to it's energetic big band arrangement, with a fully fledged copper section, acres of drums and percussion, a six piece mixed choir, a heavy amplified rockband and most probably a conductor (not shown in the movie). Re-arranging this for two or three acoustic guitars will take a completely new interpretation of the song. In fact you will have to rework the song so much that you might just as well throw out the original chords too. Maybe you should forget everything you know about this song except the lyrics and work something out from these.
Or go for the easy way out and pick another song for your performance.