I play a lot of Editors, and the songs of them are full of tremolo picking.

I can 'tremolo pick' now, or how do you say it...

But the issue is: when I tremolo pick, I always hear some knocking coming through my amp. It's at the same beat of my picking, so it IS when I 'tremolo pick'.

How do I get that knocking away?

Some extra information: I use a thin pick, use a lot of distortion, and I use reverb. I have humbuckers on a cheap guitar and amp.

Please give me some tips!
Thicker strings and picks should help, try to pick only with the very tip of the pick
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I tried and failed.

No reverb, thick pick...

It doesn't work

Other hints?
Your pickups may have a high output which emphasises the gain which you set in your amp. Try turning the gain down and the treble, add a bit more bass to mask the muddy pick sound.

Or try picking softer even though it's a bitch to try do.

I play the Editors alot too so I know what your talking about. Unfortunately to get the sound Chris does you do need a distinct amount of reverb. Alot of the way to play is simply just feel it. As you play and mess around you should start getting ideas of how to change your style to accomodate the sound you want. I use medium thickness pickups (the same as chris) A 72 Tele Thinline with Humbuckers (fairly similar the the style of Rickenbacker Chris uses) and a crappy amp. (The amp may have something to do with it as well).

Alternative to the reverb use a short delay to produce the desired sound. This is what I do and it sounds perfect. There are alot of tweaks you can make but in the end I think you just need to feel what is going to work...that probably doesnt make a whole lot of sense but if you have any other questions just ask...

Also using only the very tip of the pick is crucial or it will sound ****ty no matter what you do.