So I'm pretty into speed metal/power metal/metalcore like stuff, and among other bands i really like dethklok. I know dethklok does a whole lot of different genres, but does anyone know some other bands that are similar to them. I like dethklok but i also was hoping that there are some real bands that sound like them. any ideas or suggestions?
I've listened to death metal, and I have yet to find a band that sounds like dethklok. I know there probably are some. I think of dethkloks overall style as a fusion between death metal and melodic and/or power metal. I'm not looking for a general similar genre. thanks though
Cannibal Corpse...the singer which Nathan Explosion is based off of, if i'm not mistaken.

Anyways, you should just go to the right thread (Metal Recommendation Thread).
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Try posting this in the "Metal Recommendation Thread" in the metal forum. They're usually very helpful with things like this.
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also, your looking for melodic death, not any other kind. Try Arch Enemy, they are somewhat similar.
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Dying Feotus, they're definitely the best bet. Go to the metal forum, the first sticky is a recommendation thread, read.
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Try... In Flames, Soilwork, At the Gates, Dark Tranquillity, Arch Enemy

^^ Those are the five really big melodic death bands.

Then start looking into the small guys. You could also try like deathcore, like All Shall Perish.
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