Hi !

Since I´ve got my new Notebook I have troubles with the Toneport output.
For example when Iam listening to music through the Toneport or when Iam jamming along to a Guitarpro file or to a Jamtrack I become a big lag after every 15 or 30 seconds and this sucks like hell.
How I can fix this problem?

Here are some dates of my notebook

Windows Vista
Intel Core Duo Processor 1,66 GHZ
160GB HD

Greets 40 BPM
You'll probably have more luck in Riffs and Recording. Is it the output from the toneport itself thats lagging coz i didn't even think that could happen. Unless you've got some sort of power drop from the USB port maybe?
Yes it comes from the output, for example when Iam connecting my headphones to the "normal soundcard" I have no lagging.
So when you are saying my USB has a power drop.
How can I fix it?
ah i have no idea i've just heard laptops sometimes have power issues on power-hungry devices such as audio interfaces.