Here is a funkish song im planning to show my band soon. (its saved as funkster in the folder) What do you think?
Pretty good song man, the chorus was solid with the jazzy chords and little overdubbed parts, the bass line was funky and awesome, and I thought the guitar solo really ripped.

Only complaint is that the continuation of the bass line from the intro to the pre-verse and then repeating it into the verse with doubling it on guitar seemed a bit repetitive and took away from the bass line a bit. It sounded better when you entered with the second guitar though, so maybe it's fine.

Great song overall though. Crit me? Song in my sig.
That was really good. The only thing I didn't really like was the chord in 31.. I was expecting something completely different... But it didn't sound bad, just not really expected.

Also, it was hard to hear the single notes near the end.. And I'm not fully sure I did hear them, but more imagined them. lol

Other than those 2 things, great job.
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I quite liked this Funk-Rock song here. I only have two real... complaints I guess you could say:

For a Funk-Rock song, the bass is playing a pretty minimal role and I didn't dig the guitar solo. It seemed to... lick repeaty for me... if you get what I mean. The last four bars I thought was a nice touch though.

I loved the bridge though, it was a nice little.... explosive part I though.

Oh, and the outro seemed very Speak Free by Incubus I thought.

Overall a pretty cool song there man.
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Awesome song man, I love how it builds up and everything fits really well. The harmonized guitars are a nice touch too.

My only complain would be The Solo, it's ok, but could be better, u used too many repetitive licks as said before, u should try writing more of a melody with some repetitive licks thrown here and there if you want but without abusing. Great job man!

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