Hi, I'm a new guitar player and I just picked up my first tuner the other day. I was just wondering what the "Flat" button does, whenever I push it, little music note like symbols come up at the top of the screen. It will go up to like six notes (adding one every time I push it), then after like seven times it will go back to zero. What does it do?
I would imagine it sets up a dropped tuning. Normally you would set your guitar up in E, but if you pushed it once you would now be tuning to Eb (E flat). 2 notes would make D, 3 D flat and so on. After the 7th note, it would drop a complete octave, so you would not need any lower than that.
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Thanks for the response...
I probably won't be using that button til I'm a little more experienced... lol
eh sorry but after 7 semitones (halfnotes) you dont have a full ocatave , that would be 12 halftones. you got only 7 flats to add because nobody tunes his guitar lower than A standard (except for Meshuggah maybe^^)