How can I make my stuff look cooler?

not modify anything just kinda decouration?

I was thinking maybe a graphic on my pickguard or something?

maybe carry it over on my case, or would that seem lame?

I am also starting a band in a few months, we are wanting to go with a maritime theme. I was thinking we could maybe jazz up our gear by painting murals on our drums, on the amp cabs, etc.

Or would that also be lame?

Any ideas on how to make my/our gear look interesting?
make it sound better first. then stencil a graphic on there

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make it sound better first. then stencil a graphic on there

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my uncle makes acoustics. I was thinking about getting one from him and asking if he could airbrush a mural or something on it before he applies the nitro-cellulose. Would that work?
you could have like cloth posters and slogans and signs and **** draped over ur cabs and ****
dont fkin paint nothing
keep the orignal beaty of ur ****
I second shag carpet. If it works for floors, it is bound to work for guitars.
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dude...the maritime theme is seriosuly lame, ditch that idea.......and cover everything with shag carpet

+1, I did that to a share drum with black shag, Its da shlt
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Get your sound tight first, if you're just begginning with this band you won't be giggin' for a while, just get your sound perfect, while you're doing this get a local luthier (or person who is good with wood and can make a guitar body) to make you a kick ass guitar (maybe just the body if he isn't a luthier).
I'm planning on doing this, well not with my band as my "band" is utter rubbish, the drummer's taking it way too seriously, she thinks we'll get somewhere when the clash of ideas is just terrible. Her playing sucks, the bassist is into funk rock and punk and I'm into 80s stuff like speed metal, power metal "shred" etc it won't work. ANYWAY back onto what I was saying I'll be getting a luthier who lives round the corner from me to make me an original body, I'll spray it desert yellow, get a decent set of pickups in there, get him to shape a headstock for me on a pre-made neck, POW, stage presence.

Though you have to promis me to not do a half assed job, don't do stickers, don't do a dodgy thing in marker pen, and if you do something on your amp (like a custom grille cloth) make sure it's done well, either don't do it or go all out on it if you're making an image for youself.
Also an idea, have any friends who are good with paint? Strip the paint off your guitar get 'em to paint over it then give it a lacquer, that's what i'm doing with three friends, getting three bodies, planing them thinner (like my bodies thin) then letting them paint whatever.