Okay, me and a few friends recently decided to start a band. None of us are great musicians (except the drummer) so I'm trying to find some simple or easy songs we can play. Any suggestions for some fairly easy songs that we can play?

Thanks in advance ^_^
you really got me by the kinks
pink floyd wish you were here
breaking the law judas priest (also check out angel by them)
any ramones song especially blitzkrieg bop
heartbreaker by led zeppelin (replace the solo wiht your own though)
Smells like teen spirit in bloom rape me negative creep milk it amny other songs by nirvana
black night by deep purple
I wanna be your dog by iggy and the stooges
sunshine of your love by cream
iron man - black sabbath
paranoid - black sabbath
house of the rising sun - the animals
behind blue eyes - the who
Children of the Grave - Black Sabbath
I don't wanna grow up - The Ramones
Are you gonna be my girl - Jet
Gone Away - Offspring
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