The tubes on my Peavey Classic 30 are rattling but theres also some buzzing from something else. Any ideas what it might be?
It's possible that the tubes have become microphonic and are therefore picking up outside noise.
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or it might be that you have a computer near your cable or something.
^my neck isn't warped, but maybe the tubes are microphonic. I heard EL-84s are prone to that and I did get my amp used.
How can you tell it's the tubes? I had a stupid rattling noise or buzzing or whatever you want to call it. It scared the crap out of me because I thought it was one of my speakers in my 4X12. After playing an open E loudly and listening to the cabinet, I realized it was the fricking carrying handle!! Anyway, my point is it could be something stupid that is buzzing and not your tubes. Unless of course you can totally tell it's the tubes.
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Well the tubes are rattling but I can also tell that theres something else buzzing as well. I know the tubes are rattling because when I play and apply a bit of pressure to them they stop rattling but theres like a different noise as well. The tubes make a higher pitched rattle while this other noise is a lower buzz.
Well since its under warranty, I'll just bring it to the music store that I got it at and have them fix it.